Is Costa Rica The Perfect Place For Forest Bathing?

Well, according to the Costa Rica Tourism Board it is. The board says Costa Rica is the perfect destination for innovative wellness therapies that will invite travellers to get in touch with nature.

Spas and yoga retreats may still be popular, but Costa Rica’s unique selling point is its beautiful nature. Practices like ‘Earthing’ and ‘Forest Bathing’ might just be the thing that attract travelers from around the globe.


According to the tourism board the practice of Earthing, which involves physically touching the ground with your hands or bare feet, can be enjoyed with a short barefoot walk along any one of its many pristine beaches or deep in the mystical rainforests of Costa Rica. It is believed that barefoot walking allows the body to absorb free electrons which enter the body and act like antioxidants—to neutralize the damage caused by free radicals.


As for Forest Bathing, this concept goes back to 1982. Japan included ‘Shinrin-Yoku’, translated as forest bathing, in the country’s national national health programme. A very simple, yet very effective concept. It involves a leisure stroll through the forest and immersing all your senses with the nature around you. It is proven by Japanese scientists to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure. It also generates feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

“The country’s forests seem sometimes as the equivalent to a cathedral; with its giant trees that resemble columns, and their canopies that are home to a collection of vegetation more complex than the paintings of the Sistine Chapel ceiling” –

 Got 30 minutes?

 Enjoy this 30-minute video that gives you a glimpse of the sight, sound and wildlife of Costa Rica’s primary forest.

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