The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Creative

‘Walk into a forest and within five minutes your body and brains start to change…’ This short video starts with a big promise. But a simple as it may seem, nature does have an immense impact on our health. The moment you (re)connect with nature, your heartrate slows, facial muscles start to relax and stress levels drop dramatically.

Being in nature makes us more human. You will feel more calm and alert just by looking at patterns of a leaf and listening to birds singing. Journalist and bestselling author Florence Williams wrote a book called ‘The Nature Fix’ and she is making a strong case on how spending time in nature makes us healthier while shadowing researchers from three continents.

‘The Nature Fix’ or just this short video may be an inspiration to make time to go spend some time in nature. Even if it’s just 5 hours a month, both your mental and physical health will benefit from it. You will instantly feel happier just by the smell of fresh air, the absence of traffic noise and this sense of solitude. Yet in modern life with its endless demand and constant stimuli we spend less than 5% of our waking hours in nature. Scary, right?

Take a walk. In nature. It’s that simple.

Listen to this podcast by Hurry Slowly with Florence Williams:

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